It’s Time to Say Goodbye : Gluten Free Brownie No Bake Double Chocolate Cheese Cake

It’s time to say goodbye to my Nani, I know you will rest in peace. The best lesson you taught me is to live in moderation. Few with words and never beating someone else. I loved you as a child when we came to Mall Road and ate all the delicious namkeens and heard all the stories ” Jack and the bean stalk”, or as a young adult always being there with me and having the confidence that life will turn out fine.

I remember eating the delicious banana bread and baking your 80th birthday, it was my first fondant cake. Always with me when my kids were born, knitting for them and caring for me. I truly feel my kids our blessed to have spent time with there great grandmother and actually shared a relationship. 

So so many memories .. I made a delicious cake for Nani’s 85th birthday on 12th March’2016 not knowing that this would be my last cake for her. It was a crazy day with all kids at home and I was in a mood to experiment. It’s the worst day to experiment with all the noise and confusion, trying to get them all organized and in the car to make it for lunch to my mum’s place.

Gluten Free Brownie No Bake Double Cheese Cake it’s a simple cake and can be down in two parts bake the brownie a day or two in advance and then assemble a night before the party or use leftover brownies and fill with a cheese filling. Guess it’s called “Up cycle Baking”.

Nani’s 85th Birthday with my bachas

Recipe: Gluten Free Brownie No Bake Double Chocolate Cheese Cake
1 batch brownie : cover a 8″ spring foam pan
150gms Cooking Chocolate
336gms Cream Cheese
100gms Castor sugar
50gms  butter
100gms Whipping Cream
150gms Chocolate Chips


Chocolate Ganache : 1:2 : Whipping Cream : Cooking Chocolate


  • Prepare a 8 inch spring foam pan brushing it with melted butter. Press the brownie into the pan creating a thick base. 
  • Melt the cooking chocolate and allow it to cool.
  • Beat the cream cheese, sugar and butter in a free standing mixer till it is smooth. Slowly add the melted chocolate and stir till it is blended.
  • Finally fold the whipping cream  add the chocolate chips.
  • Spread on top the brownie base and refrigerate till firm at least and hour. for it to be perfect I would recommend to refrigerate overnight.
  • Once it is cooled added the chocolate ganache and serve with a few chocolate chips on top.
Like they say “Cycle Of Life” has to complete. Miss you Nani now and forever.
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Happy Baking!

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