Frosting “See icing”

This is a call I get often from my friends whose kids want them to decorate cakes. Decorating cake is an art which I am learning too. I will tell you a few simple ways of decorating your cakes. The basic types of icing’s are Buttercream Icing ( it has no cream ); Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Frosting, Swiss Meringue Butter cream, Cream Cheese Frosting and many more.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting and Swiss Meringue Buttercream  with home-made fondant

Kids love buttercream icing which I covered in the last blog. Buttercream can be flavoured with different kind of essence or add pureed fruit like strawberries. ( Fruit in India should be washed really nicely and cooked in a sugar syrup before you puree it).Adults prefer Chocolate Frostings which would be a Ganache, Chocolate Buttercream or frosting.

Devil Food Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Swiss  Meringue Buttercream filling along with Chocolate Ganache and Fondant flowers 

I am opening my Larousse as I write this blog under frosting it says “See icing”.  Definition : A preparation of icing sugar (confectioner’s sugar) used to coat pastries,cakes and confectionery of all kinds.

Recipe: Chocolate Ganache
1 part Cooking Chocolate ( In India use Morde)
2 part  Cream ( Richs is a Whip Topping Dairy Free Cream available in India; no mother diary cream )


  • Everything should be at room temperature. Warm the water in the vessel which will be used as a double boiler. (Basically a large vessel with water which can take in another smaller vessel)
  • Break the chocolate into really small pieces.
  • Warm the cream; don’t allow it to boil in the double boiler.
  • Pour the cream into the broken chocolate allow it to rest for 1 minute and then stir the continuously till it forms a smooth paste.
  • Allow it too cool before frosting your cupcakes. 
Recipe:Chocolate Frosting 
1 part Cooking Chocolate 
1 part Cream 
  • The method is exactly the same.
Tip :
  • Dip your cupcakes in warm frosting to get a smooth chocolate finish.
  • Add more cream to make it more liquidity if you want to pour on top a cake.
  • Let it cool completely before you pipe the frosting.
 I promise to cover Swiss Meringue Buttercream in the next blog; which has a really smooth look.


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